Mark 7 core needs some variety

That’s something I’ve noticed. The Mark 7 chest armor is absolutely atrocious. It’s literally all the same. Some ugly grey armor PADDING. Every single piece. The only one that looks different is the one they’re going to sell to us…ain’t that convenient.

343i I know you’re capable of great things! I know this had to be brought up with the creative team. I refuse to believe otherwise! I’m about to get on my soap box so be ready

Mark V [B]
Allow up to 2-3 helmet attachments as long as they don’t conflict. For example I’ll use the “Commando” helmet or Carter’s helmet. I’d allow them to use the “FC-I/FASCIA Helmet brim”, “HUL [3] Courier Pearl”, and the “MK55 CBRN” all together as they don’t conflict.

Chest Armor

  1. Add back the “Commando chest” back waist pouch.
  2. Add back the “Assault chest” two small grenades to the chest between the two medium bandoliers, the grenade belt attached to the waist, and the two small grenades strapped to the back of the waist on the left side.
  3. Add the knife and small pouch back to the “ “HP/Parafoil” chest


  1. Make them actually on the shoulders, y’all have a tendency to make them on the upper arm which makes sense because mobility and what not but it looks awkward.
  2. For Juns “SAP/MKVI” shoulders, make the bullets brass/gold for every coating.

Now that the Mark V [B] is over let’s go to the meat and potatoes, Mark VII Armor Core. Going to be a little more difficult seeing how there isn’t much we know about it

Mark VII

  1. Reuse Halo Reach attachments. You can probably change them a little to fit the Mark VII aesthetic but they’re practically already perfect. I’ve seen the ones on the “Halo Waypoint” app and Mark 7 will greatly improve if you use Mark 5 attachments on them as well

Chest Armor

  1. More Ammo pouches, utility packs, and bandoliers. I mean just take a look at Reach chest armors. They got ammo pouches and nades strapped on them while Mark 7 has grey padding….I know the ammo is magnetic inside the suit but it ain’t enough. Halo CE Mark 5 is also a good reference, also Isaac Hannaford’s
    “Halo Reach” armor concept is great!


  1. To start, they sit more on the shoulders thankfully but if I had to critique them, less weird shapes. Try something like the Mark 6, Commado, and Jun’s sniper shoulder pads


  1. More bulky like the new Mark 5 B challengers you guys added in Halo Infinite

Wrist gear

  1. Once again look to Halo Reach. Add wrist gear like that

Hip gear

  1. Y’all nailed this one. Keep it up


  1. Again more bulky ones like the ones from OG halo Reach and the new ones from Issac’s concept arts

Now that that’s over, let’s talk about cross armor permutations. Mark 5 [B] and Mark 7 should allow to cross armor permutations. No if and or buts. This also includes visors and and coatings!!! It’s like beating a dead horse but I’m not finished.

Halo Infinite introduced kits, basically preexisting armor sets. Only problem is that they’re locked and change change the look so currently they have Esports Team equipped with lovely coatings and emblems. Me and everyone else would love to be able to use those coatings on whatever. From Mark 5 [B] to that new Fracture armor set and to whatever new armor core, if y’all stick with it, in the the future. It’s really limiting when y’all have said player expressions is a key thing. Let me use whatever with whatever though I do understand why the fracture set is locked and I see what y’all were thinking. And with Mark 6 Gen 3 being unblockable, I for sure want to mix and match with that!

We’re close to the end so stick with me, I’m going to talk about some more accessories id add to Halo Infinite. Backpacks! Ever since i saw Jorge with a big backpack, I’ve wanted one and y’all actually had backpack options in MCC so you’re ahead of the curve. Having a big assault pack, radio pack, or even swords/machetes on our back would bring nothing but more player expression to Halo infinite. Make this dream come true 343i.

I’m finally off my soap box. I probably missed some minor stuff but that will come to a later date. Please 343i if you see this post, take some of these things into consideration, It’d mean a lot.

  • Sincerely, Lifelong Halo fan

I was looking at the chest options for Mark VII and it’s all pretty much the same padding in different ways, pretty lackluster compared to the more versatile options of the Reach armor core.