Mark 6 not showing up

Hi why sis t my mark 6 unlocked in the armory I beat the campaign solo on legendary even check my service record and achievements for proof so where is it ?

I have looked through your service record and you do not have the commendations needed to unlock the Mark VI armour. The armour is linked to the commendations earned by completing each campaign mission while connected to Xbox Live.This is a common problem where players are disconnected from Xbox Live while playing the campaign, making it so they do not earn the commendations (which can only be earned while connected to Xbox Live). The armour IS NOT linked to the achievements for completing the campaign missions, it is linked to earning the commendations.

Looking at your service record, you are missing the commendations for completing the missions Dawn, Requiem, Forerunner, Reclaimer and Shutdown. I’m afraid that you will have to complete these 5 missions on Legendary difficulty again of you want to unlock the armour.

Probably you haven’t played connected to Xbox Live.

Replay the last episode you completed on legendary. That may do it.