Marines or Army?

Just finished the Reach Campaign. Was very pleased with it.

But something I only noticed when I was finished: I don’t remember hearing the grunts (/cannon fodder) you fight with being called ‘Marines’, like in the other Halo games. I remember them being called Troopers. Also - maybe this was just the better graphics - they looked a little different to me.

So it got me wondering if the grunts in this one were part of the UNSC Army instead of the Marines? It makes sense, since it was planetary defense instead of ship-borne.

I know, just a random little thing, but it’s bugging me. If anyone knows, could they enlighten me? Thanks! :slight_smile:

It was UNSC Army units that you were fighting alongside for most of the campaign. Hope that puts the bugs to rest. :wink:

And you fight with a few O.D.S.T’s. Troopers that are ship-borne by nature of their deployment. And the crew on the Autumn would have all come from Reach, or been on Reach at the first unexpected launch of the Autumn. So only Troopers fighting on Reach and then only Marines getting off the Autumn to fight when the first Halo is discovered.

Not that it’s bugging me or anything. And I’ve shed no light on the subject. Hmmm.

Well yes the ODST’s are Navy, and the folks with Keyes would be part of the Marine contingent on the Autumn. The land forces you fight with for the majority of the campaign however are UNSC Army defence forces.

Jim hit it on the head. Most of the time, you’re fighting alongside UNSC Army troops, but there are also times where the UNSC Marines are assisting Noble.