Marcus Stacker should be in Halo Infinite

I saw the voice cast list for Halo Infinite and Pete Stacker is on that list due to Captain Keyes appearing in a hologram. I wonder if achieved voice lines from previous games were used? I’m pretty sure that is the case especially for the CE hologram and if Pete Stacker was at 343i during the development of Halo Infinite, then there would’ve been a chance to have Marcus Stacker appear in the main campaign and Pete Stacker could’ve been doing the voice of Marcus Stacker for Halo Infinite which would’ve been so good because it would’ve been nice seeing Marcus Stacker helping the Master Chief in the battles against the Banished on Installation 07 during the main campaign. Perhaps Marcus Stacker is most likely going to appear in campaign DLCs instead as it seems he wasn’t in the main campaign.

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I really liked his character, along with the Aussie marine Chips Dubbo. Even either/both of them as future Easter Eggs would be cool.