March on Stormbreak is the most unbalanced WZ map

This map is downright terrible. Whichever team eliminates Commander Lochagos first almost always wins. Then whoever beats Lochagos captures the Fortress, and then from there it’s a cakewalk. Since Wamik flies around by the Fortress, whoever owns that base will defeat him 99% of the time. Then from there it’s just full-out hell on the opponents last remaining base. The spawn-killing is real, and players on the other team can barely get a chance to get 10 feet before getting shot. I honestly think this is the most imbalanced Halo map to date.

Not true at all, I can’t tell you how many times the other team has gotten the 150 but we still take the fortress.

this map sucks on warzone assault,its almost impossible to capture the fortress because its too large and ppl keep driving warthogs inside to count as resistance

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-It’s a symmetrical map.
-No team spawns closer to the fortress than the other.
-Wamik cycles to each armory side.
-Fortress can be pinched by holding the two armories
-Fortress can be bypassed by the ice caves

The only thing wrong with Stormbreak is that the defenders of the fortress can spawn inside fortress while it is being contested/capped.

How often do people see the Fortress change hands? I see the middle of the other maps change teams more than the Fortress. It certainly feels to me like whoever takes the Fortress wins the match.

no like it has been stated if you grab both armories you can pinch it. you just need good teamwork though.

ARC is the worst IMO

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> ARC is the worst IMO

Kind of agree. I feel like ARC and Stormbreak are the most difficult to come back from because if your team loses all three bases then you’re only restricted to go one or two ways to move around the map and the other team basically has you in a choke hold for the rest of the match. I like Apex 7 and Noctus most because they’re the most open ended

Nothing is unbalanced. It comes down to how the player makes use of their reqs in warzone

I just got off a match with that map and though i recognize some of the problems, i also encountered so different ones, but i definately agree, the fortress needs to go.

Arc is worse.

My experience in WZ overall, and specifically this map is that there is no action that guarantees a win. The fortress is s nice to have but not critically necessary to win.