Marathon island

I made a map called marathon island that I would love the community to see. I don’t know how to get it out there.

You’ll have to wait for the file browse to be added by 343. Until then some pictures would be good.

I can’t post links to it because I’m using an iPad. I don’t have the same access to links as the desktop sites do.

What’s your gamertag so I can download the map?

I downloaded your map, Marathon Island, by adding you as a friend and finding you on the leaderboards to view your file share. I played your map with two friends. We played a game of Slayer Pro that lasted 12 minutes.

Here are my simple notes that pertain to purely technical aspects of your map: The garage door console switches need to be set to the same Broadcast Channel as the switches placed near them so that they update to blue screen when the gates are open. Place a safe boundary that extends several meters into the water; Currently players can walk extremely far out into the water to the boundaries of Awash.

Following are select unedited quotes from breakmyname and BringThyRain, the two other players I tested the map with. It should be noted that they are not forgers and play Halo on a strictly casual basis. I supply their input only for variety of opinion.
breakmyname: “The map is closed off. There’s no place to hide. The button is frustrating.”
breakmyname: “It’s kind of cute, if you look up at the palm trees. That’s adorable. Like, aesthetically I feel you put a lot of time into it. The gates are kind of cute. The weapon placement near the water is completely random and there needs to be more activity near the shore.”
BringThyRain: “I feel like there’s nothing going on in [the base]. I mean, there’s a sword at the top but I feel like there needs to be something in the middle for cover.”
breakmyname: “Open the gate I feel claustrophobic. Let me out of this hellhole.”
breakmyname: “If this map is going to be so big they should put a mongoose somewhere so I don’t have to walk everywhere.”
breakmyname: “Why is there a rocket launcher in the middle of nowhere?”
breakmyname: “I feel like I’m walking in this desolate desert.”
BringThyRain walks out into the water: “That’s crazy that you can walk all the way out there.”

After the game I asked them for final comments.

breakmyname: “Two out of ten. Would not play again. There’s no structure. You need two bases because that’s how Team Slayer works. And if they want FFA, it’s too big. There’s one center focus which is not interesting and you have to open gates which makes it like prison. And why are there mines in the middle of the beach!?”
BringThyRain: “This is not Laguna beach, this is Halo beach. You get shot!”
breakmyname: “Yeah, you get shot, you don’t just walk along like ‘la-di-da-di-da’ and boom!”

BringThyRain: “That was fun, we should do that more. I like trying out new maps.”