Marathon help - 7th column

Can anyone please help me with this achievement? Feel free to PM me or friend me on Xbox live, GT: DMR SHOOT2KILL

It’ll help if you have an extra controller. I don’t quite remember how/when I got it, but I can assure you I’ve never played Marathon Durandal online and I still got this one. I was pretty much getting the other Multiplayer achievements (SPNKR-ing 20 opponents, killing an Invincible player, etc etc). As far as I know, the achievement you seek requires that you kill a player who already owns the achievement, but I think I only had to kill my 2nd player once and then I got it. Either way, just play/mess around in case you don’t get it the first time.

Thanks again for the tips… I got this from a helping hand from somebody on the true achievement forums. Took a couple seconds and I could help anybody else get this now