Alright, I hope everyone who’ve seen the Classic Maptacular enjoyed the video. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you have seen the Maptacular clip. I’ll provide the link, but it may have language due to some of the song’s lyrics. So, I’m warning you guys!


After watching the video, I thought, “Can we do that with Halo 4?” Yes! We can! I’d like to see the Maptacular version of Halo 4. Only if someone with creative mind and proper equipments should make the video. I don’t want the new Maptacular to try to imitate what the guy did in the classic Maptacular, so instead we create another style of Maptacular. I don’t want to mess with the classic because it has already been done, so that’s why I insist doing something new for Halo 4.

So what do you guys think of the idea?

Oh by the way, I thought I would show the video to everyone to change the mood on the Halo 4 board.

Dang… nobody? I found some other videos of Reach and Halo 3 but the people try to copy the classic Maptacular. It didn’t feel right.

Okay first of all I am the guy who made the Halo Reach maptacular ;D
And yes I was planning to make the next maptacular in Halo 4!!! I was the one
who revived the series… Without my Halo Reach maptacular Their would probly be no more maptauclars… If you have noticed their has only been one each Halo game, so I suggest that we work together because I have done a -Yoink- lode of planning and im going to be the one to post it!!!