hey everyone i have a question im trying to play reach online and im not able too for some reason i downloaded all of the maps that were free is there more that i need to download in order to play?

thank you,


have you been banned by bungie?

i dont think so i would i get banned?

maybe you went afk in to many games

i dont think so ive only played a hand full of times online i cant even play in single player mode either

Seems like your disc is damaged …

There are no free maps yet. What kind of 360 are you using? Im aware of a problem with the new 4GB slims, but I think that only applied to Campaign and Firefight

i have the black slim 250G Hard Drive i didnt have this problem until i had to replace my original hard drive

Do you get to the map loading screen and then drop out? Or does text flash in the lobby? What is it exactly that’s stopping you from playing?

i put in the game and try to play any game mode and it says that i havent loaded the files to play. I do not understand that why it would do that in the campaign mode if i was just trying to play. I am able to change my armor and things like that but I am not able to play any game mode at all

I did a little bit of searching and it could be a number of things. Try clearing your systems cache:

If that doesn’t work, try calling Xbox Live support.

I will do that thank you all very much!

Take out the had drive then turn the system on and try playing the game and see if the maps appear. If they do put the hard drive back in and see if you can see the maps and everything. If not your hard drive might be corrupted.


A quick tip if you’re tearing your hair out on this one; Try installing the game to the harddrive after you’ve cleared the system cache and restarted the console. I suspect you already know how to install games, but I’ll add a link to a how-to just in case. Good luck! <- How-to Video