The largest issue that I have with this game are the super spread out maps. I can deal with the faster kill times, I can deal with the competitive edge to this game, but what I can’t deal with are the maps being huge.

343i is pushing for a competitive experience here, something that on its own isn’t a bad thing, but that combined with faster kill times and spread out maps is not a good experience. Map control is back, but instead of being hard top keep, it is very easy. An entire team can hang out in one area surrounded by cover and destroy people because team shot is better than ever. The huge maps make it very hard to actually put pressure on those areas because they are so spread out, once you start getting shot at you can’t make it to cover and you are almost guaranteed to die. The only positive here is that grenades are extremely effective, but that is both a blessing and a curse. If they limited the grenade count to 1 to counter how powerful they are it would allow teams to camp much more, but as they are now you can spam the -Yoink- out of them.

> I can deal with the competitive edge to this game