I think 343 should bring old maps like lookout, the pit, construct, narrows or any other map that includes two snipers one on each base instead of how it is right now that some maps one base spawn the sniper and things like that

Of the maps you mentioned, I think the only one I’d like to see return is The Pit. That always played well for Slayer and CTF and would have some interesting possibilities for Strongholds. Fits the weapon and ability sandbox well.

Lockout/Blackout probably wouldn’t play well because of the weapon sandbox and movement abilities. Construct I’ve just never cared for, same with Narrows. And I’ve never liked two snipers on 4v4 maps, just really disinteresting gameplay.

ForgeHub has some great remixes of all those that are worth checking out.

dead right more maps it seems like the same 4 maps over and over in all ranked playlists

There’s a thread in community creations for classic map remakes. Good chance some of those will hit rotation at some point—map-submission-thread/c032a3b7-e025-43dd-aa4e-39a331a746ca/posts