Maps you'd like to be remade for Halo 4

Just wondering what maps people would like to see remade for Halo 4, and yes i do want new maps too. but here is my list and the reasons:

1.) Lockout - One of the best all around maps in the history of Halo, great for all gametypes
2.) Beaver Creek - Good for objective and slayer plus teleporters
3.) Burial Mounds - Great CTF and One Bomb level
4.) Terminal - Awesome for Slayer and objective
5.) Turf - Small close quarters combat
6.) Ghost Town - Great Slayer level
7.) Powerhouse - Pretty good level
8.) Uplift - An amazing level from Halo 2 Vista
9.) Headlong - Great BTB map
10.) Colossus - Another all around good map

What maps would you want to see?

No Sidewinder = You lose.


Gardian,the pit and construct

I personaly would not want to see powerhouse

Pretty much all the Halo 2 maps, some of the Halo 3 maps. and Blood Gulch! and not like it was built in Reach, it sucked on reach. make it like Halo 1 or 2

I’d really like to see Headlong get a nice remake. I’ve been waiting toooooo long.

I’d also like a complete reimagination of Coagulation/Blood Gulch or Containment or Sidewinder/Avalanche. Or a hybrid of all of those maps? 0.o

I’d really like to see some good enclosed symmetrical 4v4 arena style maps like Warlock and Derelict.

And maybe not remakes but maps styled like Lockout/Ascention/Guardian.

Either way the game better ship with varied themes on maps. I don’t wanna see blue skies, green grass and brown rock. This is one of the most important things to me. When someone says “Hey do you remember that awesome map from Halo 4” I can reply with “oh the awesome snow coverd one with the cool bases with the opening gates?” or “The cool temple map with all the vines all over the place?” or “The orange sky forerunner map with the odd trees?”.

Remakes aren’t a huge concern as long as 343 doesn’t fudge the maps up like Bungie did with Reach.

I agree with Headlong, I loved that level so much on Halo 2. Although, I don’t want a powerhouse to return. Reach maps should be forgotten :P, though the map packs were good, not gonna lie about that. But yeah, I would love Headlong/Coagulation/Guardian/BurialMounds/Lockout/.

It all depends on Halo 4’s gameplay, but I’d rather no re-makes. New maps that are specifically tailored to Halo 4’s gameplay would be ideal.

I don’t really know, it depends awful lot about the gameplay. For example, Ascension was a great map, still Pinnacle feel out of place, it doesn’t go well with the gameplay of Reach. Additions like Jetpack can ruin alot when it comes to vertical maps, jump height and movement speed affect awfully lot on how the map plays.

If Halo 4 is going to play similarly to Halo 2 and 3, there should of course be maps from those games. In that case I would like to see pretty much any of the Halo 2 maps, although Lockout and Zanzibar would probably be my top choices. From Halo 3 I would like to see Guardian and The Pit, Valhalla too.

I’d like to see;

The Pit

All maps played well and were really fun.

construct and narrows, i don’t care if they were bad maps i loved them.


New trilogy > new maps.

Although I would love to have my Halo 2 maps back (best maps ever!) I’d rather see those back in a H2 Remake.

  1. Headlong.

Honorable Mentions.
-Beaver Creak.
-The Pit.

I dont really like any Halo CE maps therefore they are not on my list. Also im not a fan of big maps because i dont play BTB.

<4 <343

  1. Headlong-Best map ever!
  2. Highlands (Sorry its the future of the canyon map)
  3. Containment
  4. The Pit
  5. Danger Canyon
  6. Lockout (Not Blackout)

One from each halo (excluding Reach): Beaver Creek, Sanctuary and The Pit.

highlands and condemned

No remakes please. It´s a new series so let them make first new maps. We saw what remakes made in Reach so we should do a NO remake campaign for Halo 4.

  1. Guardian
  2. Boarding Action
  3. Lockout

Blood Gulch
Death Island
Anchor 9
Sword Base
Danger Canyon

None they need to start making maps that are balanced like all the halo 2 maps. If they go back to designing maps like that then halo 4 wont need remakes.