Maps you would like to see remade in Halo 4

I decided to make this poll because i know my favorite maps that i would like to see remade but i wanted to know the community’s votes. So let me know which of these maps you would like to see redone either in Halo 4 DLC or in future halo games.

What poll?

Edit: It’s up now, thanks.

lol not a poll, but I would really like to see Sandtrap come back, that is one of my favourite halo maps ever! =)

Busy making the poll lol


While I’d love a remake of Sandtrap (imagine playing Dominion with Elephants as bases) I’d rather see a spiritual successor to High Ground, arranged to support sprint and discourage jetpack, and with a Forerunner theme.

No maps that are on Xbox LIVE right now, IE Halo 3 and Halo Reach maps.
No maps that have been remade, Blood gulch is one of them, end of story.

Maps that haven’t been remade, and maps that are only on the PC.

Zanzibar again plz.

Everything from Halo 2 that hasn’t been remade. That game had the best maps in my opinion.

I honestly can’t pick.

Out of all the Halo games I played competitively or on the circuit Halo 2 was by far my favourite so it is obvious that I’d love to see Lockout(NOT BLACKOUT) and Midship(Heretic would be fine) remade, but I know they’ve already been done before and they might not feel correct in Halo 4.

Now, Pit and Guardian, those are maps I feel are NECESSARY to bring back. I believe they’d fit well into Halo 4 especially back into the competitive players or the players that play this game on the pro circuit. They are also fun casual maps allowing for many fun kinds of skirmish or custom variant gametypes to be played on them.

The Pit, Construct, a completely forgable sandtrap.

I voted Sand Trap because it was up there, but I would prefer to see Waterworks and Terminal remade before it.

Ideally nothing, however I voted for Sandtrap as if anything is remade it should be that map.

If anything, Guardian or Sand Trap, but I’d really like as many original maps as possible.

Guardian is probably the only small map I’ve ever liked. It’d work well with the new weapon sandbox, I think.

Guardian or The Pit plez.

Glad to see they read my mind though and remade Valhalla

where are all the BTB halo 2 maps?! and why would anyone want a reach map recreated?

Zanzibar/Last Resort

Sandtrap. I would have said gaurdian, but if u think bout it, abandoned has a similar set up.

Sandbox/Sandtrap remake; all blending into one map with new and existing Forge objects.

Foundry/Standoff remake; all blending into one map with new and existing Forge objects. Having an underground area, that looks like Foundry would be cool.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a remake of Relic or Turf, from Halo 2. Loved those maps.