Maps. where are the maps please help!

Do you guys remember multiplayer maps in Halo? I installed Halo Infinite day 1 and I couldn’t find any multiplayer maps. Still to this day I keep trying to play different maps but I keep getting the same 5-6 maps no matter what game mode I select. I remember have a wide variety of multiplayer maps in every other Halo ever released on release. But I still cant find any new maps. Is this a glitch or do i have to collect all the skulls and beat the game on LASO or smthn to unlock more maps. There is no way anybody would release a Halo game with 4 maps. So c’mon 343 we get it unlocking maps is super secret but none of us have figured it out yet obviously. Its time to release a community update video guide on how to unlock the multiplayer maps. I beat the campaign, collected every item/collectable etc and completed all the battle passes and i still keep getting the same 3 maps. Please can somebody please tell me how to unlock more than the 2 maps the game launched with?! UPDATE I must have miscounted I only see 1 map.