Maps should be Added in H5

Re-make of Constuct for halo 5

They aren’t adding anymore classic Halo maps to Halo 5. There will be similar maps or possibly map remixes, but not remakes.

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> Re-make of Constuct for halo 5

Please no, I like 90% of the Halo 3 maps but I straight up hate Construct. The map is nothing but grenade spam and people camping with the BR by the lifts. Not to mention the map doesn’t support the new movement options in Halo 5 at all.


I don’t believe any more remakes will be added to the default map set. We already have Bigship and its “remix”, so that’s two right off the bat.
And at the above, -Yoink- Blood Gulch. The only game it works in is CE. If we were to have another remake, Ice Fields would be a better choice.

I’m down for remakes but i also want to see new stuff. I’m pretty excited for whats in store for halo 5

I agree. Halo 5 should have maps.