Maps not being used...?

I was just curious if these three maps where in matchmaking? Erosion, Impact, Ravine. I have not seen them pop up at all and thought that they’re either not being used or are gametype specific?

I feel shafted because I paid money for these maps and they’re not even used in matchmaking from what I can tell. I assume they will do what Bungie did and throw in forge maps into matchmaking but it seems that it may not be for awhile. They already had maps lined up for DLC which tells me they’re more about the money than the players.

I do not remember Bungie having maps lined up before the release of their halos but I may have just missed that information.

Does anyone else feel a bit shafted? 3 whole maps not used at all?

I hope they plan to use them like bungie did with forge world but not wait until a year later.