Maps 'n Armors, variants and variants

Maps first.
Halo 5 introduced the concept of map remixes, or map variants, if you will. Maps following a specific layout / theme, making them “related” to each other. I liked this concept, I still do. However I feel that the concept was only ever tested, and that its true potential can still be tapped. I’d argue that the general dislike against the idea of remixing a map into another, came with the low amount of “unique” maps Halo 5 in the end launched with. That the remixes pulled resources from developing vastly different maps, it did feel lazy.

With Infinite, i343 have a better shot at this idea again, and hear me out on this.
A: They make enough basic map layouts to use, numbering in the basic amount that Halo games generally ship with (not the most recent ones mind you).
B: Each layout have a “Default” map with a specific Theme, and the remixes follow suit. For instance, Truth is the name of the Prophet killed by the Arbiter, as well as the multiplayer map, which is Covenant themed, its remix, Regret, is geometrically related to Truth, and while not seemingly floodish, slightly have the eerie feeling. i343 could’ve gone with a more flood infected approach, as the last we see of Regret, is when he’s inside the Gravemind’s tentacle in Halo 2. What’s missing from that brotherhood is Mercy. Now a “Mercy” map was added to Halo 5, but that was a remake of Haven from Halo 4. I’d much rather have seen a human inspired map with a map geometry related to that of Truth. Thus, you’d have a map remix series following a specific theme.
Take that concept and apply it to all maps in Halo 5 which had remixes, and even more potential maps which could have had some sort of themes to follow, either visually, geometrical or both.
Another example could be Plaza, which have Overgrowth. Could easily follow a “Construction” theme, where there’d be a third map which is somewhat Plaza, called “Site”, but under construction, so you’d have a Map Timeline where chronologically it’d be Site, Plaza and Overgrowth.
So, I do think i343 should follow up with map remixes, as long as they provide enough “base maps” to satisfy, and that they have some fun theme around the remixes, and make more than one remix per map.

As for armors, or rather, their variants.
Halo: Reach introduced Emile with his hand scratched skull pattern on his visor. Disappointment set in rather quickly after discovering that no other visors had scratched patterns on them, in my opinion a wasted opportunity. Best case would’ve been an emblem system where you’d have the opportunity to choose a scratch pattern, rotate, scale and place it on the visor yourself. However I would’ve been perfectly happy with different helmets having different scratch patterns.
While it would be nice to have more helmets with different scratches on them, the main thing I was thinking of was the Scarred variant we got of the Mark VI, there’s no other Scarred variant, that I’m aware of. That too is something I would like to see more of, so unless there’s a “battle worn” slider in the customisation menu, I’d very much like to see differently worn and torn armor variants to equip.

It would be neat to see Halo get the “Doom treatment,” meaning they use elements of Doom 2016’s customization. I’d like to see battle-damaged armor, dirty armor, clean armor, armor patterns, and stuff like that.

I would like 343 to add all the classic and new armor like the Aquilles armor and the Helioskrill armor.