maps for the community 'forge

Maps for the community 'forging
Map to the mode 'ESCAPE - map “SKY FALL” - YouTube
Map to the mode 'ESCAPE - “ESCAPE FOR SETTORE 6”
Map to the mode 'strongholds - Capture the Flag - FLAG IN COMMON - TDM - SWAT - map “SETTORE 6” - HALO 5 FUCINA maps - forge creations - YouTube
Map to the mode 'strongholds - Capture The Flag - Common - TDM - SWAT Team - Map “FREE FALL”

a know already ‘beautiful, the other will try’ now :slight_smile:

finally some new map, SETTORE 6 they have already ‘very good play, the other I’ll dump’ suffered, great AIROY

Very nice all, my personal favorite, and 'skyfall

thanks guys, I would like to create some remakes of old maps sometimes, but some of you use the forge?

I am not very good at breeding :frowning:

however, your creations are hilarious and 'well done, we’re having a lot

thank you, if you want we can work together to forge to create something :slight_smile: