Maps for Campers

Wtf with the maps? We only have 6 maps for multiplayer and half of them are for camping? xdd take it outs of the match, if u make maps make it better pls, and the granades, oh men the granades is the worst thing i’ve ever seen, those not is granades, is a balls of ping pong

I’d say Launch Site and Recharge are the top maps for camping.

On Launch Site you can usually head upwards from spawn, grab that sweet stalker/shock rifle, and start sniping while your teammates do all the hard work and your opponents

Same with Recharge.

Camping is even more op with king of the hill and pand grab

Forge will defintely make things better.

Still, 343 needs to create more maps for everybody. Around 1 to 2 normal maps and 1 big team battle map every season will do.