Maps are starting to get repetitive/boring

And it doesn’t help that aesthetically most of them lack personality, and variety, or are not memorable. I do like the Warzone maps, but currently there’s only 3, and I am so burnt out of playing on them. Warzone Assault is just those maps with different times of day. I don’t know about you, but I need some map DLC in the immediate future, and I am hoping that it’s Certain Affinity doing the DLC. Launch maps just aren’t doing it for me anymore.

So take a break…

yep. launch maps are all tiny even compared to the ones in Halo 2.

and halo 2 didn’t have sprint to make traveling them even faster.

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> So take a break…

I’ve been playing for three days spread over the 6 H5’s been out. No I don’t need to take a break, because that’s NOT supposed to happen during the FIRST WEEK of launch. 343 need to step up their map design or outsource it to someone who actually knows how to make maps that look good and play well. The longevity of H5 depends on it.

I feel you about the warzone maps. Even a couple of more maps would’ve helped.

> 2533274930563313;2:
> So take a break…

Ha! And do what exactly? Get one of those job things?! lol, if you’re getting bored just switch up what playlist you’re in try breakout or you know…play something else

Yeah when I first started I loved it but now the maps are boring whereas I could play halo 3/2 maps over and over again for years. A week shouldn’t make me bored of maps

I played the same few maps on Halo 4’s big team battle and never got bored, Halo 5 definitely has a map problem. Extremely unfortunate.

Pretty much why I stopped playing for a little bit.

The real problem is the arena maps all use very similar environmental designs, what I don’t get is how the campaign had so many awesome looking locations yet multiplayer bar warzone and 2 maps are all unsc facility style maps.

I totally agree. Only three Warzone maps… Come on, 343i, that’s nothing

I like the maps, but there should be more variety.

I guess they already have more but want to add them later on so they can say “We listened to you” again.

At least the dlc is free so good news for new maps right?

Maps are seriously lacking, I’m shocked that Warzone only has 3 since 343 obviously wanna push this new mode.

Arena has a good line up if you play Team Arena but that’ll get boring quick.

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> At least the dlc is free so good news for new maps right?

Not really, free dlc is all well and good but by the looks of it after we get 2 DLC packs we might just have enough maps to make a launch title XD

I think it’s just fine for the launch, the Maps feel fine and that is what counts,

but i don’t really like Warzone, it at least for me, feels to much like Battlefield, but instead of in a good way , it is bad.

Which for me, stems from the REQ System which is being used.

> 2533274797083393;12:
> At least the dlc is free so good news for new maps right?

yeah but there is almost no info out on the internet about when exactly the new maps are going to be released. lets hope they add 2 a month. otherwise we’ll probably have to wait till december for them to come with the forge update.