Mapack not playing

I recently downloaded the newest mapack to play skylike and suck but I have called microsoft and everything to figure out why its not working. My new maps were purchased for 800 microsoft points and still will not load. It says I am missing content for the map and will not play. How would I go about fixing this to play them since i already spent my money.

Are you sure the maps are fully downloaded onto your Xbox? To check and see, try booting up one of the maps in Forge or customs. If they are not working, try going into your Download History and download the maps again.

The newest map pack does NOT have Skyline, btw. I’m not sure if you’re talking about Majestic or Castle map pack. The Majestic map pack is the pack that contains Skyline.

Sorry I am talking about the majestic and yes I have it all the way downloaded it just wont work.