Map Variant: Embassy

Release v1.2 is newest published version


Map Description:
There was a time when this complex hosted important inter-government negotiations. Obviously they didn’t go so well.

This map is a spiritual successor to my Far Cry Instincts Evolution map by the same name. It is designed to appear as the base level of a grandiose government building. There are many lines of sight and not many safe areas so expect long range fights despite the majority being indoors.

There are a few spots off the beaten path that you can camp at - just keep an eye out for camping stools.
This map has been playtested on all supporting modes with a focus on Koth and Team Slayer/Multi team. Any feedback on pacing, spacing and overall gameplay would be appreciated.



•Main Atrium 1

•Main Atrium 2

•Tree Centerpiece/Elevator

•Entrance Hall

•Upper Deck

•Outer Walk 1

•Outer Walk 2


•Side Hall



•Turret Loft

•Door and Bench Aesthetics

•VIP Panic Room

Very cool but do you have screenshots of the original map?

I do but they barely resemble the “Halo Reach” iteration. In spirit it is the same, with a tree centerpiece and a large open atrium for the main stage of battle. Also, Far Cry Instincts map editor is around 5 years old and didn’t even offer 360 rotation so looking at the screens of that map would be underwhelming to most.