Map: The Facility (007: Goldeneye)

I took a stab at forge in Reach, and wanted to create a map inspired by one of my favorite games of yesteryear, Goldeneye from the N64. I chose The Facility because it was the map I played the most of.

As for the map itself, I started at the back and ran out of room when I got to the bathroom with the vent. I also haven’t played the game in many years, so I had to create it from memory. Basically, I had to take some creative liberty in some of the rooms, but I think it’s pretty close.

Again, it’s my first try at a forge map, so I’m sure I’ve got some issues with some of the spawn, weapon placements, etc.

Try it, or don’t. Just wanted to put this out there for anyone that might be interested.

The Facility : Goldeneye Map >>**
Not that they show much, but here are some screenshots: One | Two | Three
And while I haven’t been able to get a 4v4 game, I think swat (golden gun) would be a good game type for this map.