Map Testers Needed

I am in need for a number of map testers to help test my map, Ambient. If you are interested, send me a message on here or on Xbox Live. My gamertag is Kirb 20. The map is a medium map, good for FFA and team games alike to about 8 players, maybe more idk lol, so come help me find out.

Hey Kirb, a bunch of players from around the community and myself host custom/test nights often (usually Friday & Sunday nights). We all take turns testing our maps. We easily can get games of 16 players, so send out an invite to TheClubhouse if you want to join in. All we ask is that you have a map ready to test (with spawns, weapons, ect…) and that you stick around for at least a few other games to help others out. (It sucks to have to keep inviting people all night long).