Map suggestions and a bit more

The only thing I will ask for at this point is #1 a New Forge World, only where each area is a different environment maybe have one spot just be a return of Sandbox/Sandtrap, a Swamp area would be great. However if the map were to be based of totally different environments I would totally go for a Volcanic/Ice Forgeworld… (I have sketches btw lol)

I lost track, let me start again.

#1 more Forge worlds (each with one or even two different structure types each, and all having different enviornments from one another)
#2 More good 4v4 maps, and when I say that I more specifically mean maps that support SWAT very well (we need maps like Citadel back)

Playlists/gametypes: (as far as I know I’m aware of Bungie still in controll of these types of changes, but if/when you guys can the following would be appreciated)
#1 keep Arena how it is now in terms of rating
#2 Bring the Arena back as a seperate category (I’ll explain why)
#3 Move SWAT and Snipers into the Arena (lol this is why basically)
#4 (This is a stretch) Try to work objective types into the Arena, probably weighing victory as the top thing with assisting/defending objective carriers over actually performing/capturing the objective. Make actual (non objective carrier/defender) kills minimally weighted in rating as well for objective.

Yeah, that is all I will ask and I hope my suggestions are… Supported I guess is the best word next to accepted.

yes for new forge worlds