[Map Suggestion] Space

In the history of Halo: Reach, two map packs have been released. However, only 1 of the 5 multiplayer maps are designed for forging, but is left with limitations the original Forge World lacks. My suggestion is to release a Free map as part of an update. The map’s name would be Space, and would have nearly zero geometry.

Space is a (200,200,200) size map by length, width and height, making it a perfectly symmetrical box. The background of the map is identical to the one of Long Night of Solace in order to save space. At the bottom and the top of the map, there lies large grids. These grids tell the player where they are in the map, with the center connected by a long rod. This rod extends from the two centers and extends until it hits the opposing face’s center. These rods are also designed to show the player where they are. Exactly at 100 height, there lies another layer of grid. This layer is non-physical, and can be moved through. As like the other grids, the rod passes through this as well. However, every grid and the single rod is invisible in normal game-play, visible only in Forge.

In normal game-play, touching the bottom of the map will not kill the player, but will land on an invisible wall. This wall, is the grid. Touching a side on the map will encounter another invisible wall, however this wall isn’t a grid. In forge, the side walls contain their own rods. These rods help indicate the direct center of the map and extend from the sides. These rods, like the other, is visible only in Forge, designed to help the player find their location when forging.

By default, space is completely empty. The only default(Invisible) spawn point is located in the center of the map. This spawn point will spawn players directly at (100,100,100) when they spawn via death or match start. This point is disabled, like other default spawn points, when a spawn point is manually placed.

Finally, the object list in Space is large and diverse. The construction props are redesigned from the Forge World props, appearing more like UNSC Ship pieces. Construction props that contain unneeded mass(Such as 2x2 Piece) are thinned out to match the size it’s supposed to represent, becoming more like the Wall piece. The piece is also skinned to resemble a ship from a UNSC Ship’s wall, but the piece’s skin is completely symmetrical, unlike the Wall piece.

Also available, are 2x2x2 pieces, 3x3x3 pieces, 4x4x4 pieces and 5x5x5 pieces to create perfect cube shapes. Additionally, a 2x4x1 or 2x4 Flat piece is created, existing along with the 2x4 piece. New, are .5x.5 pieces. The .5x.5 pieces have half the size of a 1x1 piece and have their own cube piece and flat piece. However, .5x.5 pieces lack a tall piece, due to it’s small size. These pieces are mainly for crouching locations or tight spots. Along with the other pieces, the unwanted sticking edges are removed and pieces are re-meshed to resemble what their size is supposed to be and to resemble more accurate perfect square pieces. In addition, a limit of 200 pieces are added, countering Forge World’s 100.

New additions are triangle pieces and rounded. Triangle pieces are default building blocks cut in half. These pieces also include their own flat, tall and cube pieces. The size ranges from .5x to 5x to match cube pieces, as well as having it’s own Equilateral cube and Isosceles cube also ranging in size. Rounded pieces are also unique, being organized in 2 groups. The 2 groups included quarter and half pieces. Rounded pieces are cylinders, with quarters being 1/4 of a cylinder and half pieces being half. The radius of rounded pieces appear from .5x through 5x, with each section including .5x through 5x height pieces in each. However, a third rounded piece also appears, called Cylinders. Cylinders are organized via radius and heights. Cylinders also include flat pieces, usually used to cap rounded walls. Cylinders also appear in opened and filled variants. There are a limit of 100 of these, and are organized in their own category called Specialized.

Gadgets are adjusted as well. Due to the lack of geometry, many more objects can be added. Teleporters are included as well. The limit of teleporters are lifted, increasing to 20 from 8. Explosives and toys gain a limit of 50 and lights gain a limit of 10, from 2. However, the greatest revolution are the shield and one-way doors. Each gain limits of 50, but become shared into 1 group called Doors. Doors gain new additions such as symmetrical pieces, including .5x pieces to 5x pieces to exist along with the wider pieces.

Scenery pieces mostly include UNSC ship parts, such as an engine and thrusters. Along with that, all Forge World pieces also appear. Crate pieces such as pallets and crates themselves also appear. The pieces also include the infamous dumpster from Boardwalk, which can open and close. Pallets also appear as destructible pieces, as well as the barrels from Halo: 3. Normal create objects such as the Crate Large or Covenent Crate also make an appearance, limited at 50. However, destructible pieces or organized in their own group, with a limit of 50 as well. However, prop pieces also appear, including a microwave and a phone.

Vehicles appearing include a Pelican and a Phantom, each with their code shown in-game and in campaign. Ariel vehicles dominate the list, with every variant of the Falcon as well as the Sabre and a repaired Seraph. Every vehicle gains an increased cap, changed to 20 each from 10 including ground vehicles. Ground vehicles also gain a Transport Hog and “Weapons-Removed” variants of current ones.

Custom Zones include gravitational zones. These zones can be set to either spheres, cylinders or cubes. Two types of these zones can be created. Custom Gravity and Pull/Push areas. Custom Gravity is self explained, being able to set gravity in a zone. However, Pull/Push areas are new. These zones pull a player towards the area. The player is pulled towards the area, with their camera adjusted accordingly. Custom gravity can be set in this zone, determining the pull of the player in the area. Escaping the area incorporates default gravity. 20 of these can be made, each.

Weapons have gained an increased boost. The limit of how many placed are doubled, while armor abilities can place up to 10 each. Machine Guns and Plasma Turrets can be placed without stands, allowing custom ammo sets and gravity toggles. Armor abilities have also lost their automatic Gyroscope behavior, no longer automatically facing a direction once set on the ground.

I really like this idea. And honestly, this would make for a really cool map. Both Ships, and Space Combat would be very neat.

If they could get a map like this to work, get the Phantom and Pelican’s fixed to work properly, and all of that done? I think this would be a very awesome idea. So long as it didn’t glitch, all the vehicles worked correctly, and so forth, this would work great.

I know for a fact that that would be fairly difficult to program, for a single map. But very worth it. I hope 343i considers this idea, personally. I’d love to see a map like this. 'Course, we’d need to fix the Phantom and Seraph, and make the Pelican easier to fly, but other than that… Yeah.

It’s a fantastic and thorough idea that I would like to see happen. We’d be very lucky if we got it for free… perhaps on the 7/7? I remember when Cold Storage released free then… good times.

Programming all of the objects into a single map wouldn’t be hard. The only hardship would be re-skinning the objects and re-doing the mesh. Other than that, you’re correct. The vehicles would be the only issues.

This is a very interesting idea.

I think that forge needs to have weather settings for example, ( Rain, snow, hail, thunder storms, and maybe tornadoes!)
Let me know if you agree!

I DONT LIKE THE COLOR GREY!!! They got add something to change that also