Map stealing!? why 343??

So i just spent days making a map its a haunted hospital and i put alot of effort and time into this. I ran into some upsetting news when i found out that anyone can just save over it and take credit for it. I refuse to forge anything else till this is fixed. This was the very reason i never showed off my maps in H3, i thought this issue was fixed on H4 but i guess 343 is taking steps backwards instead of forward… It isnt right that anyone can steal credit for maps now FIX THIS.

It should be simple enough to add a section citing the original author plus whoever edits it

I feel that if this isnt fixed forge community will die out. People deserve the credit for making epic maps. But the maps will not be made if its not worth making anymore:/

When I use or alter a forger’s map for specific game modes (since I’m not a very good forger), I’ve been including their gamer tag in the map’s description for this reason.

I agree it’s crappy and I can imagine it sucks to not get credit but hey, seeing other people use your maps should also make you feel somewhat proud, right? If you’re making badass maps to the point that other people are stealing them then you’re doing something right lol. Don’t stop making maps though, hopefully 343 will do something about it.