Map specific firefight challenges

Is it just me or do the ff maps that are in the challenges e.g. the Courtyard and Beachhead challenges today come up less often that when they are not part of a challenge?

Probably, try searching alone, you get more voting options.

I’m in Score Attack anyway =)

The beachhead one is not worth it, but I’m going to get the Courtyard one.

Use the playlist ‘Score attack’ and you’ll get whatever map you like. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I am in Score Attack. What I’m saying is that the maps for map specific challenges definitely come up less often either FF or Score Attack!

the beachhead one should be the first option to vote on. I remember when you used to get more than three options to vote on. So, now you have to play 10 games (more or less) of score attack to get it.