map sorting in halo 4

i think in halo 4 the user should be able to create folders for there maps either in there fileshare or locally

for example, if you want to play an invasion map, and you downloaded a cool one you saw on youtube, its often hard to find that map again and know what its for,

so the user could have like

slayer maps:
invasion maps:
sniper maps:
oddball maps:
ctf maps:

as menus and it opens another menu showing all the maps inside

i think this would be great as it would be easy to organize all your maps



This is absolutely brilliant. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how many times I’ve had to scroll through tons of maps and gametypes to find just ONE.

I think with this, it would narrow it down enough so that confusion can be avoided.

If I may make a suggestion, maybe you can narrow it down EVEN MORE by having maps and gametypes sorted by the map/gametype creators, just a suggestion.

I don’t see why this shouldn’t be in halo 4.

Yes! We definitely need a way to organize these kinds of things.

343, please. I’m fed up of scrolling down a massive list of Forge World maps desperately trying to remember what that good one was called.

This sounds like a very usefull idea, i’m all for it.

You could also have it possible to make a screenshot for the map “image”, so you could remember.

Amazing idea! I’m stuck adding “01” and “02” at the beginning of all my Forge World map names to organize them.

Yes, please. Also allow custom maps to be paired with their matching custom gametype(file sets.)

A rating system for maps would be good, so you could check highest rated.
We also need 343i favorites like in halo 3.