Map Slowly v1.8 (Slayer,CTF,stockpilet,koth)

Slowly v1.8 is a road like map with bases on the sides and an back alleyways containing a secret back alleyway accessible by the third level of the bases. It also features cross platform in the center road type area that connects to each base.

Game types: team Slayer,swat,juggernaut,koth,ctf,territories,stockpile

DMR x2
Rocket launcher x1 2 ammo
Needler x2
Concussion Rifle x2
sniper x2 4 shots
assault rifle
Needler Rifle x2
shotgun x2
fuel rod x1

Here are some screenshots from v1.6 of the map
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

There has been some significant changes from the old version a year ago to now including adding jump points and some fine tuning.

Enjoy the map

Download now Slowly v1.8