Map Showcase / Playtesters?

Hi All!

EDIT; Both maps are now UPLOADED.

To cut it short, I’m having a horrible time trying to root out playtesters. I have two maps I wish to test (detailed below), that I would dearly love to see in action. If you feel you can help, please please get in touch! I need minimum of 8 players (including myself) to test one, though the larger map needs 14 at least! Add me at Geordies Soul. I will be online for approximately the next 8 hours!

Feedback for this would be much appreciated, either verbal or messages, given the time taken on these maps so far. I am well aware there may be things people may see issue with, or dislike, but please try to keep it constructive, not abusive. You will simply be removed.


Aurora is a symmetrical map set in the spacebox of Impact, primarily using the Impact-Only tunnel corridors. With surprisingly long sight lines for its small footprint, it is a haven for those managing to grab the Beam Rifle off the spawn, but there’s always another way round for those willing to push in another direction. With quirky uses of man cannons to prevent stagnant “dead zones”, action will flow fast across the whole map.

It is built for 2 teams, though at a push can be used for small-game Multi-Team variants. Currently set up for CTF, Slayer, KOTH, Oddball, Dominion (Lockdown only), this map is well made with lots of time spent on making it have “that” feel (we all know that feeling when it’s done right!).


If Aurora is the Research Platform, Nexus is the Supply hub let loose on the Medical Grade Steroids. Symmetrical on one axis, this map is set, once again, in the spacebox, so expect limiting kill zones. Massive in size, this map is also based heavily on the Impact-Only tunnel corridors, with a twist: Stay inside the long looping main coirridor, and you’ll be fine. Step out into the central hub, and find yourself at the mercy of increased speed (110%), Low gravity (close to weightless) and massive sight lines. Jetpackers and Thruster Pack-ers, rejoice! It sounds gimmicky, but please, don’t judge until you’ve played it. All paths, sight lines and travel methods have been thoroughly tested, I just need more people to see full gameplay.

It is currently built for 4 teams for Slayer and CTF, though the latter is difficult to work. Dominion is fully functioning, and Oddball and KOTH are in the works. CTF is where my money is for best play on this map, given the natural feel to gravitate (excuse the pun) to the centre tower.

Please, feel free to get in touch, the maps are being uploaded to my file share as I type this, links will be edited in should you wish to have a flyround before you join.


Geordies Soul