Map show casing by: Wolves Den Creations

Wolves Den Creations is looken to show case some of their maps to the Halo community. We would like to get some feed back from the community on some of are new maps. Let us know what you think of the maps and what might you like to see or change in any of the show cased maps. The maps will be released close to the end of the month of April, but we already have one of the maps up on a fileshare. You can get the map off of SHAD0WED KATANA on his fileshare, the map name is DARK SOUL. The maps the we will show case maybe be put onto Mutliplayer regaurding the reviews that the Halowaypoint forgers think of the maps. Please feel free to download the map off of SHAD0WED KATANA’s fileshare and relay some feedback which will be a great assist to Wolves Den Creations to future projects.