Map Selection

It’s come to my attention that there has always been an issue with player disliking how it is that map Selection is acheived in Halo multiplayer. I have a solution, let me know what you think.

Halo Map Inclusion/exclusion system.

Visualize how the newly updated MCC allows you to select which games you want thrown into the rotation of possible matches. You want all The games, check all the boxes. You only want Halo 4? Uncheck all except that one. Let the game find a viable match of your criteria, and there you go. You play the game or combination of games you want, and can avoid the games you don’t want to play, and when you change your mind. Select different options.

This same idea would be perfect for map selection in Halo. Any player can select as many or as few maps as they want to have in their rotation. If you grow to hate a map, remove it from your rotation without forcing those who love it to never play it. Simply get tired of a map for awhile, remove it from your rotation. Specifically want one map? Select only that one map. The game can then search for other players with the same maps included, and match you with them. This would work.

I know the red flag. What if everyone but you excludes the only map you want? Well, then you’re out of luck. However, with Halo 5 we have maps being taken out of rotation on Slayer and SWAT playlists because a general audience says they don’t want them, but there is still a large percentage of player that do. This inclusion/exclusion system would put more control in us as players. Sure, eventually the search times may slow because there isn’t enough players playing anymore to allow for a large enough overlap. That’s when you simply add more maps into your rotation. I for one would rather search a few minutes longer for a map I love than get a match instantly on one I hate.

I’d really love to see this implimented in Halo 5, but it feels very unlikely at this point. Halo Infinite seems like the perfect place to impliment this.


Ya I believe a simple answer is a toggle on what maps you want to play on as long as it isn’t on all modes. Player base being divided too much I don’t want. The idea hit me when titanfall2 launched and it had essentially the matchmaking system now present in mcc. Be great for bigger population gamemodes. I think the party up feature needs to be resurrected 2 and if your in a party the matchmaking would exclude maps only toggled off by all parties. Also an option to choose skill based matches, map preference or connection as a priority.

voting for maps should be in H Inf. just something i would like to see