Map selection issue.

I really hate how the minority just gets overlooked since its almost impossible to play a map that is considered ‘bad’ by the majority. When playing Halo 3 and Reach sometimes we were stuck with oddball on a cruddy map, but then realized it was kinda fun since we only played it once a week or so. There were also maps that I liked but no one would vote for it, but if the current map got vetoed then sometimes it would pop up.

Now its next to impossible to play a map that few people like. After playing the same 2 or 3 popular map 10 times in a row, there is joy when a map that isn’t considered as good actually manages to get picked, because it’s fun because it’s something new. I wish there was either a veto, none of the above, or if a tie would pick just a completely different map. I know im in the minority because I want diversity in a game. Seems like no game does this anymore.