Map Selection for certain game modes.

Hi peeps. First and foremost Halo 4’s multiplayer is awesome and brings back the awesome fast paced competitiveness like the old Halos. One concern should be brought to all 343 multiplayer creators.

My issue is this…

When playing certain game modes for example Infinity Slayer why are we only able to play the small to mid size maps? Why not Ragnarok or some of large scale maps? I remember back then with previous Halo games you could play on all maps. To me it brings more variety because playing Haven a billion times in a row gets super repetitive. Plus everyone votes for the same maps over and over.

It is the same thing with Capture the Flag. Ragnarok and all the mid size maps are playable, why not Exile or any of the other large scale maps? The big maps are not on such a huge scale that 5 on 5 is too small of a player count. Any map can be used for any type of multiplayer mode in matchmaking. That is how Halo has always been. Variety is the spice of life.

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile: