Map Search Visibility

So in our map files we have the option to turn off map search visibility and I know this means that people can’t search for your map in file browser if its off but what about your own file share and when people are browsing open games, because I see people have been able to turn off if someone can copy their map or not, and personally I have maps that I do share and those I do NOT want to share for creative reasons. So this option that turns of map visibility, does it also prevent people from going into your file share and copying your map and does it prevent people from saving a copy if you open the map to all players in custom games? A simple yes or no will suffice and I searched the forums but no one has directly answered this to my knowledge.

I have no idea. You might want to plot your first sentence into a few more sentences to make it clearer.

Yes, because if they go into your file share then they won’t be able to open the file and copy it.