Map remake ideas with the new forge maps

With all 3 forge maps finally revealed, I believe the possibilities of recreating maps from past halo’s are very possible now.
For Erosion: I could see a possible waterworks remake, but it would have to be very edited and almost not worth attempting. also with the water at the bottom of the cave, the possibility of a lockout remake seems like a probable choice for this map. Assembly would be a good choice because of the lighting coming in the cave would feel the same as the lighting on that halo 3 map. I could see backwash in this map, because of the dense lighting, and the creepy aroma, and Guardian.
Now for Impact: there’s an endless amount of possible remakes. For starters: Boarding Action from CE, (was always a fun map, ship-to-ship combat), Gephyrophobia(CE PC only map), Gemini, Elongation, Midship, Foundation, Colossus, Anchor 9, Orbital, condemned,Chiron TL-34, and cold storage.
And for Ravine: I could see Guardian, Epitaph, Construct, Narrows, Beaver Creek,Ivory Tower, Ascension, Highlands, sanctuary, warlock, Timberland, and Hang 'Em High.
Those are my thoughts of maps we could possibly remake in halo 4, what about you guys?

I’m remaking this map on Impact.

EDIT* OH!! Facing worlds! I loved that freakin map! While we’re on the subject of non Halo map remakes. I’ve been wanting to make Complex from Goldeneye. I tried it in Reach, but could never get it right.

OP Those are all great ideas. I was thinking about trying a Narrows remake on Impact. That gap between the 2 asteroids would be perfect for it IMO. Boarding Action would be AWESOME, especially with the addition of a low grav zone between the two sides. Do you want to take the teleporters? Or do you want to risk getting shot up while you float across?

I also really want to do a remake of Sidewinder. Erosion looks like it would be my best bet for that. It seemed like the level had a slope from the griffball court to the cliff over the lake. Dividing that in half would give both teams an uphill battle on the other base. I think that would be really cool.

And with those new gravity zones, a remake of Condemned would be entirely possible. It wasn’t one of my favorite maps, but I might try it just to see if I can.

Redoing The Pit probably wouldn’t be that hard either. Probably on Impact, to take advantage of the UNSC theme. Although I don’t know what the theme for Erosion is. The only video I’ve seen of it was just an overview, and didn’t show off any of the forge objects.

Lockout would actually look quite nice with the grimy feel of Erosion. Also OMGZ low-grav spaces in Boarding Action!!! That would be uber-amazingly-awesome! Too bad you only have set sizes though, that might make it quite a bit more difficult to pull off.

I’m going to remake Firebase Dagger from Mass Effect 3.

> I’m going to remake Firebase Dagger from Mass Effect 3.

Are you remaking it on Impact?

> > I’m going to remake Firebase Dagger from Mass Effect 3.
> Are you remaking it on Impact?

Yeah, I meant to put that. lol

I’m going to remake Gemini on Impact. It’s a shame there’s no Covie palette…

> I’m remaking this map on Impact.

Looks like narrows.

> I’m going to remake Firebase Dagger from Mass Effect 3.

I actually really really like Mass Effect multiplayer’s maps. It would be really interesting to see how they play in Halo.

I’m going to be remaking Foundation from Halo 2 eventually, but I’m going to edit it a bit for a more Infection feel (So I’ll probably remake it in the cave above the water in Erosion). Because that’s the map “Zombies” was played on, and I feel that map should be remade for Flood Mode.

The Cage, and a ton of other remakes are what I will be making. Also some of my own creations no spoilers;)