map preference

i absolutely hate vault. its byfar the worst map made in the entire halo wars 1 series

its the only map i actually lose on in 2v2 ranked with my buddy

why is there no mao preference selection? similar to starcraft 2s. one should be added so we dont have to play bad map designs added to hw2,

who thought making a 2nd base spot thats high ground advantaged for the other team. cause wow holding that 2nds inpossible. even if you defwnd it, if you get pushed back once that base is a goner.

please 343 add a preference selection system, im really getting sick of losing to rushers on vault

oh no


I agree though, I hate playing vault. Which is sad because it’s like the best looking map. I hate forerunner looking stuff, I like all natural personally :wink:

Haha I see what ya did… lolol

ps. Why don’t we have any new maps yet?! I’ve played the same maps hundreds of times now… 343 halp :weary: