Map packs for reach thought

Please do Reach map packs they were for Halo 3. Make Noble and the Defiant map packs free for everyone and keep Anniversary at the $15 price. The players who own the maps want to actually play the maps we bought over a year ago. Please give them out for free. I wanna play Highlands in BTB, Breakpoint in Invasion, and get those last two achievements I need. So please give the maps out for free, it will give Reach new life and will make people come back and play. Plus some people who havent paid any attention to Reach will be introduced to the TU and everybody will be happy.

:slight_smile: Peace and Love

And make maps from firefight playable in slayer etc.

UnEarthed in BTB would be insane, but its VERY unlikely.

Agreed, I feel like I wasted money buying the map packs since I never get to play on them, unless I go to Squad DLC, which has like 10 people playing.

> And make maps from firefight playable in slayer etc.

Agreed, that would be fantastic.

Unfortunately, the underlying software engines for MM and firefight are not compatible. They could use the map geometry to make a MM map from a firefight map, but current firefight maps aren’t actually compatible with the MM engine.

Which is why we don’t (and will never) see TU modifications in firefight.

Any firefight map in MM would have to be in the form of a complete DLC. Which would kind of beat the point.