Map pack to a friend?

So CEA comes with a code for the reach map pack. Since i have the Games on demand version of reach, disc swapping is no issue. Could i just give the code to a friend so we can play anniversary classic together since he doesnt have CEA?

Of course you can. There is nothing that somehow ties your code to your purchase. Anyone who has it can use it (of course it’s one time only). Just realize by giving it away you will only be able to play the new maps on your anniversary disk and you won’t have all the maps together in one game. You’ll have to switch to reach to play the reach maps and switch to the cea disk to play those maps.

Its a mistake to give away the maps you paid for.

If you download your map you will be able to play em even if you are on Reach and on ANY playlist.

By giving ur code you give this opportunity to your friend while you are stuck on anniversary playlist only whit those maps.

Your call