Map Pack not in description of limited ed

After introducing the code of my Halo 4 Limited Edition, I read the description before downloading it, and I cant see anything about the “Map Pack”.

It only appears helmets and skin for assault rifle, but no mention to the “3 DLC map pack”…

So, its not the same limited edition code as the War Games Map Pass for 2000MP?

Because I can see mention of map pack in the 2000 microsoft points Map Pass, but not in the limited edition “Infinity Command Kit”

Im speaking about the Spanish version of game and store.

“Infinity command kit (limited edition)” Its not the same as War Games Map Pass for 2000MP

I have purchased the Limited Edition as well, can someone please explain how this will work?

Probably need someone from 343 to answer how the purchasers of the Limited Edition will get their maps.

Please help, thank you.

The bonus skins, specializations and bonus maps are the first code on the card in the limited edition.

It does say the map packs your entitled to come out later…

Erm, on the card it says “Specialisations, Skins, Emblem, Map Pk”, and then the code for them. They’re all bundled in to one code.

I know, I know, the map pack is mentioned in the physical card above the first code, but I mean, there is no mention of map pack, when I use the code in the store.

I mean in Spanish description of the code, that downloads the “Infinity Command Kit” that seems to be different to War Games Map Pass for 2000MP.

So we would re-enter the code when the maps are released?

Doesnt seem like that would work?

You enter the code once making all the Map Packs free when they are released.