Map pack issue .

I heard that after the 18th people who got the map pack free will get it taken away. I am fine with that. What I am concerned about is that I have the LE so I should get the map packs for free. So when the map pack came out I didn’t realise it was glitched and it said 0 Microsoft Points so I downloaded it thinking this was part of the LE.

Now I am worried that on the 18th the map pack will be taken from me even though it’s mine. Not only will that be annoying but with my internet cap it will waste money. I also have no idea how if I will be able to get it back for free (though I doubt I won’t be able too).

So does anyone know what’s going to happen?

just wait and see, I guess it will be fine

I’m pretty sure it would have appeared to be 0MSP to you even if it wasn’t glitched.

Microsoft has ridiculous records, so they will know who put in a code for the maps and who did not.

You’ll be fine.

Don’t worry about it. I have the LE and accessed it via the in game Marketplace link and it said the same thing, 0MSP, and said nothing about the supposed ‘Season Pass’ DLC version.

My guess is that they hadn’t actually fixed the Season Pass issue so made it free to give them some extra time to resolve the issue… even though they now claim that’s not the case.

I realized it would work as to find out if you got it free they look in you download history. So maybe when they see the season pass/LE thing in your history they know not to get rid of the map pack.

Thanks guys =)

And just to add… in today’s Bulletin bs angel assures us that LE and Map Pass holders will not be affected. So there you go.