Map Pack is pretty bad

terrible. No flow what so ever. Just random bulidings and garbage placed everywhere. not thought out at all. just trash man complete poop

All 3 are better than most of the -Yoink- maps that came with the game. I was pleasantly surprised by all of them.

Your post is pretty bad. No thought went into explaining what you mean and consists of meaningless insults with no backing.


Shatter sucks for dominion, it’s just a sniper fest. Their sniper nailed me… but I got him back with a Splaser LOL.

Harvest isn’t bad if you’re a DMR lover. DMR is like beef, while BR is chicken. Everybody loves beef more than chicken… I think.

So what if it’s a bit unfair? Life is unfair. Can’t deny me there!

The next map packs will have smaller maps to balance the big ones… But seriously, the packs should have had both large AND small maps together. I think it’s plainly obvious, BTB is more popular so the big maps come first. The more the merrier!

The only one I like is Harvest the other two are awful and I hate being thrown into random game types.I will just as soon eat a bowl of broken glass before I pay for DLC maps.343 would be better off fixing the game so its not laggy and buggy.I hope they do take them back and claim they didnt yoink up.

I love the maps, better than half the DLC maps in Reach.

Yeah it could have been better

I was going to buy the map pass for 2000 points but then I saw the first map pack and thought I’d hold off for a while since I don’t like the graphics and textures of new maps yet.