Map Pack Ideas - Would a non-canon map pack be better than MTX?

So since 343 wants money (and I don’t blame them for that, they’re a business after all) why don’t they just make new maps?

343 seems to be a big fan of non-canon stuff which I think is fine at its core. I have a problem with some designs but that’s beside the point. They, Microsoft, Mediatonic, a subsidiary of Epic Games were able to come to an agreement and add a free cosmetic item to MCC. That gave me some ideas.

Microsoft is pretty big, right? Why don’t they use some of their other properties for map packs and sell those map packs? A Minecraft-themed Forgeworld, for example? Maybe creating some tool that allows people to port chunks of a Minecraft world into MCC? Make Windhelm from Skyrim a map now that they own Bethesda? Or Nuka-World from Fallout 4? Do some cross-promotion with Starfield. I mean if you’re going to go the non-canon route add some fun stuff. I’d pay for all of these things.


The business model was to sell you a video game - which you seemingly bought - and MTX shouldnt be necessary beyond that.


Yeah. You need to read the whole thing. I’m fully against MTX. I’m FOR substantial DLC.

Only issue I see is that 343 isn’t that clever, they had the opportunity to pull from other Microsoft IP and chose to instead create original content with the explicit purpose of being non-canon. If they did the same thing with maps, it’s likely we’d get hastily made maps akin to wutville from TF2 added to the games nobody wants them in so as to ‘expand’ the already non-canon content they made.

I’d much rather they focus on the canon content being sourced from Cut Content maps and digsite work that people genuinely want to play. Non-canon maps should be saved for the community once workshop releases.


Halo is great when trying to be both Halo and its inspiration. For example - Hayabusa, Achilles, and Ricochet are very good armor pieces that players can apply to whatever spartan they want to create, looking like a character that’ll fit in the Halo universe while still being quirky. The Entrenched pieces, however, are so completely different that players don’t get that opportunity of expression, and the potential of original feeling armor is reduced, if that makes sense. I’d LOVE to see the Entrenched items look like they’d actually fit in the Halo universe.


The problem with this concept is that 343i is already conducting procedural releases of the Halo Editing Kits for the various titles within MCC. Unless they were to promptly reverse this ongoing program (and subsequently draw immense ire from the content creators of the Halo community) and/or convert access to the HEK into a subscription service (also another inflammatory decision), Microsoft will find it considerably difficult to sell these crossover map packs due to the aforementioned creative capabilities of the community.