Map pack exact dates detailed.

An ad on the German dashboard.

Well we won’t have too long to wait for new maps, since the ones we have currently are already kind of old.

And, I HOPE if these packs are received well, there will be more, but it is funny that their planned DLC doesn’t even extend a year past release. Since…Halo 3 had a map pack release two years after initial release.

2 weeks till the first DLC, sweet :smiley:

I hope the BTB maps they add are worthwhile. I really enjoy BTB in Halo 4, almost as much as I did in Halo 3. And I enjoy BTB alot more then I did in Reach. But right now in Halo 4 the only BTB maps I like are Exile, Ragnarok, and Longbow. So I hope they add some good ones with the DLC. Also I kind of hope they reintroduce the UNSC air vehicles in the DLC, since it could absolutely be done. Also though it is unnecessary it’d be cool to see a miniature version of the Mammoth that is closer to the size of Halo 3’s elephant for matchmaking.

But I still do play team slayer in Halo 4, so regardless of what they include I’m excited!!!

Hopefully they release multi-team by then and have some good medium size maps in there to play multi-team on. crosses fingers

First 343i needs to adress the issues with the game before i give them more money for any DLC.

Can we get a mother -Yoinking!- translator in here?!

i saw this ad on the first day it comes up when you select war pass from the dashboard… doesn’t really say much just says the dates the map packs are released… can wait

we are gonna get a map pack before they even use maps we already have? there are 2 or 3 maps not even in matchmaking yet