Map Pack Compensation Thread

Whether it’s -Yoink!- fault, or 343s fault.

People shouldnt be getting content for free that I payed 800 msp for hours before because of a little glitch in the system.

Post here if you paid for the map pass, limited edition, or just bought the map pack for 800 msp like myself

they need to make it up for us … an early access to upcoming SpOps and maps would be fine

i bought my War Games pass 2 days after game release and what did i get for the hassle of giving my money upfront and saving 400 Microsoft points?

a minimum of a 9 hour wait while people payed for it today and then to find out less than 2 hours after downloading the map pack that the whole dam planet could get it for free!

some -Yoinking!- glitch or what! im currently in a queue to Microsoft Live Support getting a full or partial refund for my Map Pass