Map Pack Bundle Problems

So, I only recently installed my Halo 4 360 disc on my Xbox One and I installed the things that I had included already. My War Games Map Pass, Forge Island, and the championship bundle. My halo 4 main menu is showing a star beside the Xbox Live Marketplace, when I press A on it it takes me to the 360 marketplace menu, and gives me the three map packs and the purchase button. I can’t go to them individually but hen I try to purchase the bundle of map packs, it says that premium content is locked for my account, nothing is blocked but it won’t let me purchase it, please help.

Hello, I see that your having a problem with the maps, I used to have this problem as well, so here’s what you might need to do to fix.
Here are the options you should do.

  1. Sign in to a parent and launch halo 4, then go to the maps and install the ones you are trying to install, once you do that, it should install the maps to your main account too, I tried this and it seemed to work.

  2. Go to privacy and settings and recheck to see if something is blocking the content. (must sing in to a parent to make these changes)

i hope this helps and I apologize if my grammar is bad, and sorry for the late reply, I’m kinda new here and if this doesn’t work, try to contact Xbox.