Map Pack Achievements October

Hey, I almost have all the halo reach achievements, but the ones I have left are for the map packs and require specific game-types like infection and capture the flag. There is no way to select these game-types, or at least of what I know. is there any way to get these achievements at all?

I hear you,the only achievements i have yet to complete on Reach are All alone, Dont touch that, You blew it up and Paper beats rock all of which require the dlc maps. The only way to get them is by boosting them. I recently boosted all of the anniversary achievements as there are hardly any playlists to get them all. I might be getting the dlc map packs later this year ONLY is they go down in price. 800 MS is a bit much for map packs that hardly shows in match making

I dont get why they haven’t made a map pack only game type focusing on the achivments. I have spent a lot of money on the dlc and never play them because they just don’t pop up enough so 343 sort this out please. I would like to have 100% on all first person halo games before I get Halo 4.