Map movement a legitimate skill?

Do you feel that moving around the map in a certain way, whether or not you know the enemy’s location, is a legitimate skill?

I ask because some people have an insane ability to rack up insane multi-kills consistently… Kampy comes to mind, also the up-and-comer Proximitty. He’s got some sick Arena plays. But what I mean is, yes they have great composure, a great shot, and capitalize on their opportunities. BUT… I would argue that they CREATE opportunities because I can never seem to consistently get the enemies to “line up” quite the way they seem to. It’s all positioning vs. their positioning…

Sometimes I will get it right… I have quite a few Overkills in 4v4, and I JUST missed out on a 4v4 Killtac yesterday… got in the last headshot a tad too late because I put myself out of position for a little too long to pick up the kill in time. But that’s just it… Some players always seem to be in the right position!

How can a player improve their opportunities to make big plays? Is this an actual skill that can be worked at do you think?

of course its a skill.