Map\Mode vote system is now required for Quick Play Playlist

With the addition of various playlists this feature is now required more than ever.
Those who want to play Slayer Based modes will stick to the added playlists but players who are Objective focused need to have the commodity available to them in Quick Play.

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They could have avoided all this nonsense if they had just removed Quick Play, & implemented a Team Objective playlist along with the other four. I don’t know why they always do the most roundabout “fixes” that don’t actually fix anything. I also hope they don’t keep pushing these stupid Ranked challenges either…

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I like quickplay. It should just be used to throw you into any Playlist tho that needs players. Objective should be a Playlist tho.

Basically the idc just put me in a game Playlist.

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All right, that sounds fair. I really hope they have plans on bringing the Match Composer to this damn game; going back to Halo 5 limited playlists set-up is completely stupid imo.

Yeah the match composer was amazing. That should have been the initial design. They shouldn’t have even considered wasting development time on anything else.

Just add an objective playlist and that sorts the problem. Like you said have the quickplay playlist just put you into any non-ranked game available. I would like a veto system for the maps though.

I don’t believe it’s quite simple as that due to the variety of game modes that will eventually end up in the game.
It seems like a viable solution for now because we only really have 4 modes (do correct me if I’m wrong) for now.

You’re right with 4, and yes I mean for the current options. If we get more, then a MCC style matchmaking selector would be fantastic. Maybe you could even select maps on there instead of which Halo game.

I think there was something done that was a really great idea but I can’t remember the name. Was it batch composter or watch compromiser?

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Veto! Veto! - bring that function back

And give us invasion inside btb